The American Dream is alive and well as far as Eduard Shapshovich is concerned. A Russian immigrant, Shapshovich arrived in America in the early 1990s with very little money and no English. But those were minor problems for the resourceful Shapshovich who settled in St. Louis, Missouri. He woke up every morning, put his shoes on, and got to work. Through the years, he managed a pizza shop, sold used cars, and also worked as a delivery man. Nothing too spectacular, as he admits, but it did give him great experience working with people, getting to know the local area of his new home, and learn and educate himself so one day he could attain his dream of self-sufficiency. 

With a business partner and close friend, Shapshovich now works in real estate development, buying homes, rehabbing them and selling them or renting them out. He has a great working relationship with his partner, his tenants love him, his competitors are sometimes jealous of his ability to keep stable renters, and he’s super happy to be where he is right now. It’s the culmination of a lifelong dream that some tried to talk him out of trying, but Shapshovich is not anywhere close to being done following his dreams.

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Eduard Shapshovich Shares 3 Housing Market Trends for Spring 2021

Despite the fact that millions of people are unemployed or under-employed due to COVID-19, the demand for houses in many areas is surging. And while first homes and mid-level homes are the most coveted, some luxury homes are also generating ferocious bidding wars — especially if they happen to be in Palm Beach or other locations that are fast becoming havens for individuals fleeing densely populated pandemic hot spots.

5 Ways that Landlords are Helping Tenants During COVID-19

“We have all heard stories about some landlords going to battle with tenants who have lost their job or have seen their income dramatically cut during COVID-19,” commented experienced real estate investor Eduard Shapshovich. “However, there are some landlords who are rising to the occasion and realizing that they have a moral and ethical obligation to try and make things at least a little easier for their tenants during a difficult time.”

4 Ways That COVID-19 Has Impacted the Real Estate Market

The second coming of the Great Depression and its drop in real estate prices is not going to happen. And while there are many reasons for averting disaster, the biggest and most important can be captured by three very powerful words in the financial vocabulary: low-interest rates. In earlier recessions such as the one in the late 1970s, interest rates surged well into the double digits,” commented Eduard Shapshovich, who prior to becoming a real estate investor was a city planner.

What You Should Know About Being A Landlord

Being a residential landlord can be a great source of passive income. However, being a landlord is more than simply finding a tenant, moving them in, and waiting for the rent checks to arrive. Real estate entrepreneur Eduard Shapshovich explains some of the top issues you should be familiar with before buying your first rental property.

Eight Things to Look For in a Residential Rental Property

Becoming a residential landlord can be an excellent opportunity to make a stable income. If you are interested in buying residential property for a rental, there are many considerations that you should take into account. From the property’s features to the surrounding area, you should be aware that many variables go into making a decision.

IdeaMensch Interview with Eduard Shapshovich

“My day starts early in the morning. I go to the job site and talk to the guys who are working there. I make sure they have everything they need so they can keep working. If they need anything, I will run out and get it. Just today, they said they were running out of caulk to put in the windows and they were missing lights and faucets for the kitchen, so I went to Home Depot and bought those items and returned to help to install them.”

Five Tips for Managing Rental Properties

Many people are interested in investing in real estate, but they are not sure how to start. Becoming a residential property owner or landlord can be a great way of creating income while building a solid foundation for the future.

The Top Five Tips for Buying a New Rental Property

Owning family housing rentals can be a rewarding and profitable business. However, it is necessary to look carefully for the type of property you wish to buy. If you are a prospective landlord, you should look at the properties’ features, including the amenities, proximity to useful locations, and the type of renter that the property is likely to attract.

Renovating rental properties on a budget

Many landlords would like to renovate their rental properties to provide better returns on their investment. When a tenant has lived in a space for many years, the apartment is typically unattractive and outdated when they move out. Tenants who move out leave an excellent opportunity for landlords to make a few budget-friendly upgrades that can help them charge more for the same space and recover their profits.

A Discussion With Professional Real Estate Investor Eduard Shapshovich About How He Achieved the American Dream

“It was always my goal to be self-sufficient. That is the overriding inspiration behind everything I do and have done in the past. It was the reason I left Russia for America. This is the land of opportunity, which, in my mind, is synonymous with self-sufficiency. So, with that always as my ultimate goal, I will say that it took me a few years to recognize that the proper instrument with which to seize and make the most of any opportunities presented to me was by forming my own business.”